Tall & Small - A parent and child adventure...

As soon as your baby is mobile...it's time for Gymtrix
Toddlers (and a parent) are guided by a trained coach through an adventure of endless discovery opportunities while they learn how to swing, jump, climb and roll on all the equipment  including trampolines in our amazing gym.  The parent's role is to accompany the child during the lesson with the primary task of keeping the child with the group and following the coach's lead. For most youngsters, this is their first social experience. The Gymtrix Tall and Small program will prepare your child for future activities including Preschool.  As soon as your child is 4 years old and able to stay on task on their own without a parent assisting, they can graduate to the Gymtrix 'All by myself' program called TUMBLEBUGS.

The Gymtrix program is designed to educate both child and adult through a variety of discovery opportunities.  The class setting is perfect for improving valuable listening and cooperation skills. Gymtrix lessons develop motor and physical ability including coordination, giving kids the confidence they need in everyday life!      
Who can accompany my child during class? 
One adult (min 16 yrs) can join the class with  the child. For organizational and safety reasons, we request that only one adult accompany the child at any one time. Please feel free to `tag team' during the class however,  if more than one adult wishes to participate.  
What to wear
Shirt & shorts that are 'stretchy'
-ensure that attire is 'comfy' but not baggy
-girls may also choose to wear a bodysuit
Bare feet or gym slippers 
-socks with 'grips' on the soles are also great

'Comfy' and not too baggy 
 Bare feet, socks or indoor shoes
Avoid wearing jewelry

No JEWELRY (including exposed body piercings)
HAIR that may obstruct vision when upside down must be tied back (Please ask us for a hair elastic if you forget yours).

Gymnastics is truly unique...  It is absolutely the BEST ACTIVITY for building solid PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS that willundoubtedly enhance the lives of anyone who dares to HAVE FUN! Gymnastics involves all physical and motor qualities used in other athletic activities and sports and is especially recognized for its unmatched 'core' strength benefits.



Your child will develop fundamental qualities such as power, flexibility, balance and coordination while learning fun and challenging tricks. All of these life-enhancing attributes build confidence and self esteem - setting your child up for a lifetime of success!