Individuals with Special Needs

At Gymtrix, our members come in all shapes and sizes...all with different needs in some way. Believe it or not, even elite athletes competing at the International level have 'some' needs and limitations. The truth is that everyone, regardless of existing physical and/or mental conditions,  can benefit from participating in gymnastics activity at 'some' level.  Gymnastics has been proven to be extremelytherapeutic for individuals with special needs. It lends itself very well to the development of all physical and mental attributes, even for those with profound limitations. It can also facilitate cognitive learning, develop social skills and ultimately increase their fitness levels. And don't forget the FUN FACTOR....that's reason enough to participate!
Consider a four year old burn victim who screamed in agony each time he visited the hospital physiotherapy sessions. There, they physically manipulated his joints in an attempt to get his range of motion back.  After joining a gymnastics class (one hour a week), the PT worker informed the parents that their 'little boy' was able to reduce the therapy sessions as long as he maintained his gym classes. As is turned out, something as simple as hanging on a bar, with his favorite Superman shirt on, proved to be more beneficial than the agonizing therapy stretches.  One session of ten weeks was equal to a year of therapy. Our biggest challenge with this little guy however, was trying to convince him to take his Superman cape off before participating!
Our second case involves another little boy with profound learning disabilities.  At five years old, he had not yet said his first word or vocalized anything recognizable...until he was on the trampoline one day.  At the end of his turn...his workers were astounded to hear him say 'Ta Da'.
Adults and children alike, with a vast array of conditions and needs, have been taking lessons at Gymtrix since we opened a decade ago.  
We have several types of participation at Gymtrix. The type of participation is based on which one will best compliment the individual.
How to benefit best from a gymnastics program... 
  • For those individuals who require only minor accommodations, our first choice is full integration into an existing class.
  • For those requiring extra assistance with activities and well as help staying with the group and 'on task', we invite either the individual's worker or a parent to join the class with us.
  • For those requiring modifications to equipment etc, we have scheduled designated times when we can make these accommodations and thereby enhance the program that we are able to deliver.
With any of the above types of participation, our goal is to ensure that the program is both safe and best suited to the individual. To enable us to deliver the best possible program for each individual, it is important for us to be made aware of all limitations and conditions.   
In some rare cases, it is possible that gymnastics activities may be harmful to some individuals with certain conditions. In order to ensure the safety of the individual(s), we may ask the participant (or parent/guardian where applicable) for the expert advice of a medical professional prior to participation. It is our duty to us to ensure that participation in gymnastics is beneficial to the individual rather than detrimental.
Anyone wishing to inquire about Special Needs programs including integration, please contact us.
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