Ages 8 and Up - JUST Trampoline


An hour of 'just' Trampoline

This program is designed for those (boys & girls) who prefer to specialize just on the trampoline. Gymtrix has the most trampolines of any club in the North! Our HOT BEDS are designed by Olympic coach Dave Ross and are the same kind used by world class trampolinists. Our dynamic coaches are experts in teaching safe and logical progressions to participants of all levels.

Who can participate?

We recommend that children be at least 8 years old before participating in a Trampoline 'only' class. For those who would like 'some' bouncing but not an entire class, check out our YOUTH program which includes trampoline as one of the activities.

What to wear... 

  • Shirt & shorts that are 'stretchy'
  • Ensure that attire is 'comfy' but not baggy
  • Girls may also choose to wear a bodysuit
  • Bare feet is best
  • Gym slippers or socks with 'grips' on the soles are also fine


  • No Jewelry (necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets etc..
  • No clothing with hoods or dangling strings
  • No belts
  • All hair that may obstruct vision when 'upside down' must be tied back (elastics available-please ask)


Need More Info? 

Please contact us by phone 705-476-3999 or by e-mail at


Gymnastics is truly unique... It is absolutelythe BEST ACTIVITY for building STRONG PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS that will undoubtedly enhance the lives of anyone who dares to HAVE FUN! Gymnastics involves all physical and motor qualities used in other athletic activities and sports and is especially recognized for its unmatched 'core' strength benefits. Your child will develop fundamental qualities such as power, flexibility, balance and coordination while learning fun and challenging tricks. All of these life-enhancing attributes build confidence and self esteem - setting your child up for a lifetime of success!