Adult Classes

Gymnastics and trampoline lessons are currently the 'hottest' fitness craze for adults.    Trampoline is a fantastic way to burn calories,develop body control and learn how to perform 'cool' tricks in mid-air!
Like to try a free Teen or Adult class?
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Do I need experience to join?  Absolutely not...  Beginner to advanced participants are welcome!
What to wear...  Participants should wear comfy, stretchy clothing (not baggy) and bare feet or gym slippers.  Socks with 'grips' on the soles are also great.  For safety reasons, avoid wearing jewelry, clothing with strings or hoods. Please tie all hair which obstructs vision with an elastic.
If we have a group of interested friends, can we arrange a time just for us?
There is also the option of customizing a program just for you and your group of friends. You may book a one time visit or a block of several weeks.