Attention hockey players, swimmers, dancers, snowboarders, skiers, figure skaters and other athletes...

Gymnastics is truly unique... It is absolutely the BEST ACTIVITY for building THE ATHLETIC FOUNDATION for participation in OTHER SPORTS. Gymnastics involves all physical and motor qualities used in other athletic activities and is especially recognized for its unmatched flexibility and 'core' strength benefits. Participants develop fundamental qualities such as power, flexibility, agility, air sense, dynamic balance and coordination....just to name a few! These life-enhancing attributes build confidence - setting future athletic champions and dance stars up for a lifetime of success!


We guarantee results!...If a sport group or individual participates regularly in a customized program designed especially for your sport or dance group. Regular training in a gymnastics environment at Gymtrix gives participants the 'edge' they need to greatly improve in their own sport or activity.


Please call 705-476-3999 for more information and fees associated with Private Lessons and Customized programs to suit

Annual Gymnastics Ontario Fee

If the program consists of 4 classes or more, Gymnastics Ontario membership is required. (expires June 30 of each year) 

Getting Started...

That's easy! ...just call us at (705) 476-3999 or by e-mail at  We will be happy to arrange a customized program for you or your group.