Our Coaches

At Gymtrix, we believe that our coaches are our most valuable asset. Not only do our coaches become certified in their home gym, they get to work under the guidance of these instructors every time they coach. At Gymtrix, we are committed to the continued development of our coaches. Regular coaching workshops ensure that Gymtrix coaches are trained in the most 'up to date' coaching techniques. We are confident that the Gymtrix program is better because of our extensive coaching apprentice and training program.

Pre (CIT) Coach in Training (ages 13-16 yrs)

This program is an extremely valuable learning opportunity for young coaches between the ages of 13 and 16 years. The Pre-CIT program is an apprenticeship program whereby participants learn by coaching with an experienced and certified coach. Regular workshops are held for these young and upcoming instructors.

Students are welcome to apply for a position on our Junior coaching team. Applications are available at the front desk at Gymtrix. Possible candidates will be offered an interview and those who are suitable for a position in our program will be invited to our Junior coaching clinics. Once prepared, Junior coaches will be permitted to apprentice with a certified coach in the gym.

As part of their learning process, we have the same expectations of our Junior coaches as we do all our other staff members and thereby require references prior to interviewing. This process in itself, offers young people experience at applying for a job, being interviewed and demonstrating responsibility.

Can I use my Junior coaching hours toward my required high-school volunteer hours?

Yes, while you are learning, you can put these hours toward your high-school volunteer hours.

Coaching experience at Gymtrix will undoubtedly enhance the resumes of all who participate and may also provide an opportunity for a employment position at Gymtrix in future.

(CIT) Coach in Training (ages 15 yrs & up)

All coaches (16 years and older) who instruct in a Gymnastics Ontario/Canada club, are required to obtain the minimum Gymnastics Foundations NCCP training in the discipline they are coaching. Coaching Certification under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) can be obtained right here at Gymtrix.

Upcoming NCCP Courses...

To register for a course, please email GYMNASTICS ONTARIO  education@ogf.com


Employment Opportunities

To find out more about COACHING OPPORTUNITIES at Gymtrix or to obtain an application form, please contact us by phone at 705-476-3999 or by email at gymtrix@bellnet.ca