About our Men's ArtisticTeam

The Gymtrix Men's Team consists of selected athletes ages 7 years and up who demonstrate:

  • Athletic Potential to achieve the skills required to compete in Gymnastics
  • Desire to train the required hours and the willingness to increase their hours according to required expectations per age/ability category
  • Positive attitude toward other team members/coaches and positive attitude during competition
  • Excellent work ethic and attendance

Benefits of being on the Team

Being part of our Team builds many personal attributes:

  • STRENGTH, BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY, AGILITY, ENDURANCE a degree not found in any other sport !
  • Team Skills - "How to be part of a team" ...We encourage our older athletes to be positive role models for our younger athletes while nurturing our younger athletes to become positive role models in the future
  • Problem Solving - Almost all elite athletes are, or become above average students academically
  • Time Management - a set weekly routine keeps kids "on track" with school work and training
  • Life Skills - "You can't win them all" ...More important than results, is that our athletes learn how to enjoy the process, and how to deal with both success and defeat. If they perform well at a competition, we want them to know why. Winning is fabulous, especially after working diligently for it. On the other hand, our young athletes need to know how to change their perception of defeat by turning each experience (positive and negative) into a learning experience. "Never giving up, working toward personal goals and understanding what can be done to improve for the next time", is what we strive to teach!

We are very proud of all the accomplishments of ALL our athletes! Above all, we are most proud of the fact that we have happy, healthy athletes who love to train, learn new skills and enjoy the sport at whatever level they achieve!


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