Keeners - Pre-competitive

About our Precompetitive Program

Precompetitive is an advanced program designed for gymnasts who have been selected from our recreational program based on: 


1)     required criteria (physical ability) for the class


2)     yearly commitment (all three sessions)


3)     availability of a spot in a class suited to the individual

The Gymtrix Keener Program is an exclusive program offered to young athletes (ages 5-10 years) who meet the pre-requisites and criteria of this progressive program and who have aspirations to pursue possible competitive opportunities in future.  ‘Today’s’ Keeners are ‘tomorrow’s’ team members and the design of the program is developmental:  aimed at physically, mentally and socially preparing these youngsters for future success.


·   Acceptance of program philosophy

·   Physical readiness: strength, flexibility

·   Recommended by the previous recreational coach

·   Ability to take direction from the coach

·   Social readiness

·   Desire to train the required hours and remain in the Keener Program until end of season (June)

·    Willingness to increase hours according to progress (may require a schedule change)

Selection Process for all Keener Programs

Please call 705-476-3999 for more information on upcoming selections and/or auditions